Have you ever noticed that mustaches are insanely popular nowadays?
Google Search Volume for “mustache”

What on earth could have caused such a sharp rise in popularity?

At Mustache Power Productions, we think the data is clear: everyone loves our live-streamed and recorded event videos. We use the newest in video technology to edit our masterpieces in real-time which makes the whole world a better place. Our hair-raising recording process shaves our clients real money, and our expertise gives them well-groomed quality. The average human mustache grows 6 inches a year, but Mustache Power Productions is growing much, much faster. We are combing Utah County for our next Office Assistant (gentle)man (or woman!) Because true mustache power comes more from what’s in your heart than what’s on your upper lip, clean-shaven men and women are welcome on the team.

We’re Hiring an Office Assistant

M-F 35-40 hairy hours/week

Pay and Benefits:

  • Starting pay ($10-$12/hr based on experience.)
  • Oxygen-rich environment.
  • Comfy to semi-comfy chair.
  • On premise lavatories (Men / Women’s, Toilet paper amenities upon request—up to 6 squares/day!)
  • Basking in entrepreneurial excitement at our Pleasant Grove, Office
  • Mustache decals for your ride or mobile home.
  • Fashionable company shirt.
  • Plentiful mustache puns and humor (perceived benefit may fade over time).

Job Requirements:

  • High School Graduate. Post high school education a plus!
  • The courageous work ethic of Teddy Roosevelt
  • The charming charisma of Ron Burgundy
  • The dogged determination of Charlie Chaplin (did you know he wrote, directed, produced, edited, starred in, and composed the music for most of his films?)
  • The competitive spirit of Michael Jordan (before he retired and shaved his mustache)
  • The impeccable writing skills of Mark Twain
  • The fearless creativity of Salvador Dali
  • The inspiring eloquence of Martin Luther King Jr. (We have a dream… of you winning people over with words)
  • The confident savoir faire of Ron Swanson (if you don’t know who this is, don’t bother to apply)
  • The voracious appetite for knowledge of Albert Einstein
  • The inspiring computer skills as those self taught by Steve Jobs.
  • The reliability and responsibility of Hulk Hogan (the 12-time world champ never missed a match, and we expect consistent timeliness and effective communication should there ever be a need for a drop in dependability.)
  • The unwavering optimism of Ned Flanders
  • The suave chivalry of Tom Selleck
  • The ability figure anything out like MacGyver.
  • Clean, organized and scholarly like George Clooney.
  • From a country close to the equator (you’ll find out why) but still legally able to work here in the USofA.
  • Bonus if your name/nickname begins with hard “C” or “K” sound. “CL” or “KL.”
  • Knowledge of photography and or video is a huge bonus but not required.
  • Possibly some related office or clerical experience would be a huge bonus as well.

Potential Responsibilities:

We are small business entrepreneurs and as such responsibilities change often, because we are constantly seeking ways to grow our mustaches. You may be required to wear various styles of mustaches at different times to adapt to the ever changing day to day responsibilities.

  1. Receptionist duties
  2. Light Book keeping, invoicing, and collections
  3. Client Surveys & Client appreciation gifts
  4. Meeting Scheduling
  5. Client Outreach
  6. Bring us warm cookies like our grandmas used to make (…I miss you grammy!)
  7. CRM Updating/Organization
  8. Office/Studio cleaning/organizing/inventory
  9. Travel Booking
  10. Digital File Management/Archive
  11. Writing Blog Entries / Website Updates / Social Media Marketing
  12. Research
  13. Studio Tours / Member Relations
  14. “Get cozy” with prospective clients and win them over with your charm (who can resist!?)
  15. Online Portfolio Organization
  16. Ordering Office Supplies
  17. Analyze processes results to suggest improvements to current practices.
  18. Tell us jokes.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to If you appear qualified, we mustache you to come in for an interview. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling schedule, so priority will be given to the first resumes received. Mustache Gracias for your interest. We salute you!