Come one, come all! Mustache Power Productions is looking for a hardworking, eager-to-learn, entry-level production tech!

At Mustache Power Productions, we think the data is clear: everyone loves our live-streamed and recorded event videos. We use the newest in video technology to edit our masterpieces in real-time which makes the whole world a better place. Our hair-raising recording process shaves our clients real money, and our expertise gives them well-groomed quality. The average human mustache grows 6 inches a year, but Mustache Power Productions is growing much, much faster. We are combing Utah County for our next Entry Level Production Tech (gentle)man (or woman!) Because true mustache power comes more from what’s in your heart than what’s on your upper lip, clean-shaven men and women are welcome on the team.

We’re Hiring an Entry Level Production Tech

M-F 35-40 hairy hours/week
Schedule will vary based on projects, must be flexible to work some evenings, early mornings and weekends (rarely ever Sunday). Some travel required.

Pay and Benefits:

  • $10/hour
  • On the job training provided
  • Fashionable company shirt
  • More mustache swag than you could ever dream of
  • Air-conditioned office, no sweating your mustache off here!
  • You get to work with an awesome, though usually mustache-less team (You should apply for that reason alone!)
  • Sometimes Clovis offers you Tang*, his leftover rotisserie chicken, or even goat/sheep cheese!

Job Requirements:

  • The voracious appetite for knowledge of Albert Einstein
  • The inspiring computer skills of a young (and bearded/mustachioed) Steve Wozniak…ok, not really but you should be tech savvy
  • The work ethic of Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin wrote, directed, produced, edited, starred in, and composed the music for most of his films.
  • Can you go from an isolated environment editing all day to working on a project with a team?
  • Previous production experience…like Groucho Marx (A plus, but not required)
  • Live event experience also a plus, but not required
  • The above average written and verbal communication of Ron Burgundy
  • Must act professional, a bonus if you and your ‘stache are as well groomed as Ron Swanson
  • The fearless creativity and steady hand of Salvador Dali
  • Equipment doesn’t always work as well as we would like, must be able to troubleshoot and work well with technology just like MacGyver…only if he had a mustache.
  • Like Tom Selleck, you must have your own car to get to and from jobs. Tom Selleck definitely has a mustache…and a car.
  • The reliability and responsibility of Hulk Hogan (the 12-time world champ never missed a match, and we expect consistent timeliness and effective communication should there ever be an issue)
  • Note: Actual mustache on your face is not required. But in your mind and heart, you must embody the mustache spirit…like MacGyver.

Job Duties:

We are small business entrepreneurs and as such responsibilities change often, because we are constantly seeking ways to grow our mustaches. You may be required to wear various styles of mustaches at different times to adapt to the ever changing day to day responsibilities.

  1. Camera operator
  2. Post production editing (Adobe Creative Suite)
  3. Digital asset management and delivery
  4. Job set up/strike
  5. Live editing/recording
  6. Studio improvements
  7. Cable wrangling
  8. Content creation
  9. Minimal scripting
  10. Collaborate with team and clients

Physical Requirements:

To apply, please upload a cover letter and resume to our listing on if for some reason you aren’t able to apply online you can email us at If you appear qualified, we mustache you to come in for an interview. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling schedule, so priority will be given to the first resumes received. Mustache Gracias for your interest. We salute you!

*Tang is mostly for closers and astronauts. Complimentary Tang should not be expected every day.