The Name

January 29, 2013    

A lot of people ask why the name of the company is Mustache Power. Usually I reply, “Because mustaches are awesome and cosmically powerful.” That should be enough. I mean, look at all the obvious examples.

But really that’s my answer because the true story is too long to tell in business settings and I get a little too into it. It would make a good story for The Moth, but at a conference, people start to squirm a little after I’ve been monologuing the history of Mustache Power for five minutes with no signs of stopping. Their eyes start shifting and I can tell they want to say, “Hey mustache dude, can’t you see I’m networking here? Cut to the chase already!”

So here’s the story as short as I can make it: In college, a buddy and I somehow ended up working as pest control technicians for a summer. Despite our partial college education and arrogant belief that we were smarter than your average, everyday bug guys, we noticed that we didn’t seem to garner the same respect and trust that other technicians in our office did. Then one day we noticed a certain predisposition towards mustaches among our fellow bug sprayers and wondered if that were the key to their success. We tested our theory by growing mustaches, and it was like magic. Instant trust. I’m sure this sounds tough to believe, but we conducted the social experiment several times over the summer shaving and re-growing mustaches. We cataloged all our findings (not really) and analyzed them thoroughly. The data was overwhelming: Mustaches have a secret hidden power (or they do if you’re a bug guy).

I recently gave a presentation at Ignite Salt Lake explaining the concept of Mustache Power. I Apologize for the video quality. I was doing the recording and video streaming for the event that night, so when it was my turn to present I zoomed way out so I wouldn’t walk out of frame. Here’s the video: