Benefits of Webcasting Your Events

January 28, 2013    

  • Benefits of Webcasting Your Events

Webcasting has become a standard element in the marketing strategy of most enterprises. Why? Well, the benefits of webcasting are often obvious, but a recent whitepaper from explained the benefits in a concise way we like:

  • Expand Your Reach—Simultaneously communicate your messaging to a global audience and go beyond the logistical challenges of face-to-face presentations.
  • Increase Comprehension and Retention—An interactive, television-like experience provides a powerful communications vehicle and ensures that a consistent message is delivered to your audience.
  • Increase Productivity—Provide the information-sharing benefits of conferences and onsite meetings without the travel. Webcasts are a convenient way to offer training or sales presentations that allow the viewer to control the interac- tion. Prospects can move more quickly to a purchase decision due to the ease of obtaining information.
  • Increase Traffic to Your Site—A compelling audio and video experience helps to differentiate your site from your competitors and helps to make a great first impression that will have an immediate and lasting effect on your customers.
  • Foster Trust with Your Audience— Personalize your message with integrated audio and video to help build relationships with prospects, customers, and staff.